We are Handicap accessible.

There is ample street parking and we have a private parking lot in the rear of the building.

Our Front Entrance is on the side of the building.

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Conshohocken Chiropractic & Rehabilitation Center

815 Fayette Street,
Conshohocken, PA 19428


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We Can Help With:

Home – Conshohocken Chiropractic & Rehabilitation Center (OLD)

Chronic Pain

Chiropractic can be highly effective with this problem
Home – Conshohocken Chiropractic & Rehabilitation Center (OLD)

Poor Mobility

Chiropractic can be highly effective with this problem
Home – Conshohocken Chiropractic & Rehabilitation Center (OLD)

Low Energy and Mood

Chiropractic can be highly effective with this problem
Home – Conshohocken Chiropractic & Rehabilitation Center (OLD)

Health and Vitality

Chiropractic can be highly effective with this problem
Home – Conshohocken Chiropractic & Rehabilitation Center (OLD)

Aches and Pains

Chiropractic can be highly effective with this problem
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Welcome to Conshohocken Chiropractic & Rehabilitation Center

Drs. William Tsoubanos and Michael Morgan are firm believers in this natural approach through the science of Chiropractic. They offer a complete program of specific, individualized chiropractic care for each patient with physiotherapy, exercise therapy, rehabilitation programs and massage therapy. This comprehensive approach allows Drs. Tsoubanos and Morgan to provide the most effective treatment for your condition, whether the pain is in your back, neck, head, shoulder, arm or leg. They then use gentle proven techniques to relieve your pain, but more importantly, work to prevent its return. Learn more about:

Dr. William Tsoubanos

Dr. William Tsoubanos graduated from Pennsylvania College of Straight Chiropractic in 1981. He completed his pre-chiropractic studies at Monmouth College. Dr. Tsoubanos entered private practice in 1983 in Conshohocken specializing in treatment of musculoskeletal conditions with occupationally-related trauma and sports and spine injuries... Read More

Dr. Michael Morgan

Dr. Michael Morgan graduated from Pennsylvania College of Chiropractic in 1982. He is certified in Chiropractic Physiological Therapeutic through National College of Chiropractic. Dr. Morgan continued his education with the Los Angeles College of Chiropractic and was certified as a Chiropractic Rehabilitation Specialist in 1990... Read More

Our Staff are here to make your visit comfortable and enjoyable

At Conshohocken Chiropractic Office, we recognize that there are many Doctor's of Chirpratic you can choose from. We strive to be a "warm, compassionate" office with an old fashion style. We look forward to spending the time necessary to get to know you and provide the individual care you need. When you make an appointment, you will enter the office and immediately notice the experienced, understanding, and supportive staff. They will assist you with all insurance questions and any concerns you may have prior to you meeting with the doctors

We Gladly Accept:

  • Many Blue Cross/Blue Shield Plans  and Personal Choice
  • Medicare
  • Keystone Hmo's accepted with a referral from your primary doctor 
  • Pennsylvania Workers Compensation
  • Auto Accident Insurance Policies
  • Self pay
  • And various other plans. Please call to confirm your insurance
I have been a believer in chiropractic care for many years actually too many to count! It is not just for spinal pain but general health. I came to Dr Bill for my back 35 years ago, and I am happy I did! On my first visit with him, he listened to my concerns, looked at my  x-rays and explained his findings to me. It turned out the constant, every day pain that I had been experiencing was due to undiagnosed issues with my spine. He described the situation and his recommendations for a course of action to help stop and reverse the damage. He did not pressure me to continue seeing him it was just genuine concern and understanding. After just one adjustment I felt much better!  And In just a few weeks of treatment pain was gone. Then after a few years I fell and herniated  disks in my neck, once again Dr. Bill eliminated the pain and I did not have to go for the operation the medical doctors suggested. I have had Dr. Bill as a doctor as long as I have had my husband. Everything about Conshohocken Chiropractic center is warm, friendly and welcoming. The office is clean and hours are very accommodating. The staff is wonderful and both Dr. Bill and Dr. Mike are great doctors. Patients who go to him are also friendly and are not only from the area but often drive an hour to come for an appointment. The office is equipped with stimulation, ultrasound, heat and ice therapy. They have roller and stretching tables, and exercise room for therapy too! The massage therapists are also awesome. I highly recommend this office to everyone!.


Dr. William Tsoubanos and Dr. Michael Morgan are the areas premier Conshohocken Chiropractors and offer the best Conshohocken chiropractic services.
Contact us for more details, or to schedule an appointment, please call: (610) 828-2500.